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General Guidelines

This Health Forum acts as a pool of knowledge, allowing people to find alternative courses of action to help with their health issues. This is not a general ‘chat’ forum and discussion should be focused on specific health issues and potential avenues for treatment.

Holistic Community focuses on complementary and alternative forms of health care. This should be the main (although not necessarily exclusive) focus of discussion within these pages.

We ask that people refrain from expressing overtly negative or damning views and opinions within their posts. Our users are looking for positive options for treatment.

Try to stay ‘on topic’. Whilst a single thread may present different topics for discussion, each contribution should attempt to deal with the original post. If you wish to deviate from this please start a new thread.


We enforce a strictly no advertising policy within these pages. Whilst you are free to recommend products and services we do not accept direct advertising of any sort.

Therapists who register on our directory are provided with a link to their profile page at the end of their posts. Other than this no contact details are allowed whatsoever (including email, phone numbers and web addresses).


The Health Forum is intended to help users find suitable solutions for their health and well being. In order to preserve this function we ask that therapists refrain from direct offers of service in response to posts on the forum.

Whilst this area of the site is designed to help put users in touch with practitioners that may be able to help them, we ask that your posts focus on information rather than self promotion.

Providing useful advice and guidance is more likely to generate a positive response from the author of the post, as well as from future users who read this information.

Read about the benefits for therapists who are involved with the Health Forum.

Posting Guidelines

This is a friendly forum designed for a specific purpose. Any misuse will result in the user being moderated and/or banned.

The following actions may result in your posts being edited or deleted, and/or your being banned from accessing this area of the site:

Any advertising whatsoever
Including contact details within your posts such as phone, email or web addresses. (If you are registered on
our directory of therapists a link to your profile page will appear at the end of each of your posts).
Using bad language
Hostile or abusive behaviour towards others
Excessive use of CAPS lock
Impersonating Holistic Community members or moderators
Creating multiple accounts

The above list is not exhaustive. We reserve the right to edit or delete posts, and to ban users at any time, and without warning or explanation.


If you wish to post information for discussion please ensure that it is your own or that you have permission to reproduce it.


If you find content which you feel is objectionable or is breaking forum rules and guidelines please contact us.

Terms and Conditions

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