There are significant differences around the UK in terms of the number of people who suffer from back and neck pain, new research has found.

The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) study revealed that 57 per cent of people in Northern Ireland are suffering from neck or back pain, with the national average standing at 44 per cent. The South East was identified as the place where people have the best back and neck health, with just 40 per cent of people here complaining of this kind of pain.

People in Scotland, meanwhile, are most likely to suffer on a daily basis, with a third of those surveyed here claiming that they have pain every day. By comparison, in London just 17 per cent of people said they experience neck or back pain daily.

Catherine Quinn, BCA president, commented: “My top piece of advice for those experiencing back or neck pain would be to get out and about and ensure you are incorporating physical activity into your daily routines.”

There are a range of therapies that can help with back pain, from acupuncture and massage to spineworks.

The latter is a treatment that can work particularly well for people who have non-specific pain, which means that the cause of the discomfort hasn’t been identified.

Spineworks is a full-body, holistic treatment which is based around the idea that your spine moves whenever you make any movement in your body, as well as being connected via the nervous system to all our internal organs.

As a result, it can often be linked to seemingly unrelated health problems. Spineworks is a treatment that can help relax the muscles around the spine, thereby having other health benefits.

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