How often do you take the time to care for your feet? Like most of us, the answer is probably infrequently.

But our feet take on so much. Aside from anything else, they support our body as we walk, run and move around all day long. It’s hardly surprising therefore that any discomfort in your feet can transfer to the rest of your body.

Reflexology is one of the most ancient complementary therapies and has been used for centuries by the Chinese, Egyptians and North American Indians to relieve all manner of ailments and pains throughout the whole body.

If you feel like your feet are tight and that you aren’t comfortable, it can be hard to know how to relax them – but that’s where reflexology can really help.

Massage Advancer recently highlighted some of the benefits to having a reflexology session, noting that this kind of therapy can not only help rejuvenate tired feet, but can also give your entire body a boost.

The website went on to explain some of the specific benefits that reflexology offers. Top of the list is stress busting, with this technique able to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. As a result it can also improve the quality of your sleep.

Reflexology can be used to get rid of headaches and migraines. The acupressure points in the feet can be targeted for this purpose by a trained practitioner.

It can also improve the circulation in your body and thereby help you process toxins more quickly, as well as ensuring that nutrients are properly distributed around your body.

In fact, a qualified reflexologist can help with everything from mood swings to edema, so it could be well worth finding such therapists in Oxfordshire, or wherever you live, if you feel as though your body could do with a boost, or if you need assistance with a specific issue.

An article for Influencive recently explored the ways in which successful entrepreneurs deal with the stress of running a business.

The publication spoke to members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council, with Michael Sinensky of Funbars explaining that his go-to option is reflexology. He said that there are a few things he does but that his “number one is the foot reflexology spots that are now all over Manhattan”.

“You get to relax for an hour while having someone remove all the stress in your feet which travels to the rest of your body,” he stated.

In the UK you may have to search a little harder to find a reflexologist, but once you have one you can book an appointment whenever you’re feeling as though you need some stress relief, or your feet just need a bit of TLC.

But it isn’t only entrepreneurs who can benefit from reflexology treatments. Wise Bread recently recommended the therapy for retirees too. According to the website, a reflexology session is one of the things that it’s worth spending some money on once you’ve given up work.

The site stressed the importance of treating yourself to the likes of reflexology, massages and acupressure before you start to get any back pain, as these therapies can help prevent such issues and mean you’re able to enjoy your retirement.