We all know that massages are great for our muscles, helping to relieve tension and bring some relief to sore and tender areas of the body.

One massage therapist has recently written an article about how massage can also be of benefit when treating scar tissue and stretch marks.

Pete Whitridge explained in his piece for Massage Magazine that massaging scar tissue may be a good way to stimulate the creation of blood vessels in this area. This in turn causes localised inflammation, which triggers a remodelling phase.

Although this is never going to fully heal a scar, it can help the tissue to recover and can make it more mobile.

He also noted that in some cases massaging scar tissue can be a way of addressing subconscious concerns people may have about their scar tissue. Talking about where the scar came from, how it’s healed and how people view it can enable them to realise any limiting thoughts they still have about their healed injury.

When it comes to stretch marks, Mr Whitridge recommended a number of healing carrier oils that, when massaged into the skin, can help to rebuild and remodel the areas affected by stretch marks. The best oils to use include rose hip seed, avocado, tamanu and shea butter.

An article for NDTV last month explored the many benefits of aloe vera, noting that it may be able to help reduce stretch marks. Applying aloe vera to the skin has a host of other benefits, including soothing sunburn, making skin firmer, hydrating the skin, and fighting acne-causing bacteria with its antibacterial properties.

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