Homeopathy takes a holistic approach to treating all manner of ailments, and it’s a treatment that some people swear by and that others are very sceptical of.

The Mirror recently explored the concept of homeopathy and highlighted some famous names who swear by homeopathic remedies. Sir Paul McCartney and Cher are both avid users of these kinds of treatments, with Cher commenting: “I don’t think I’d still be around today if it weren’t for homeopathic medicine.” Prince Charles is also said to be a fan of homeopathy.

If you haven’t tried homeopathy before, you may want to explore what it entails. The concept behind it is that you treat like with like, which means that you use substances that can cause particular symptoms to help alleviate those symptoms.

Homeopathy also involves diluting the substance and shaking it. Any substances used in homeopathic remedies are heavily diluted. It’s used to treat a wide range of ailments, with the newspaper noting that ear infections, hay fever, asthma and allergies are among the most common problems people use homeopathy for.

If you’re thinking about using homeopathy for the first time, it’s advisable to find therapists in Lancashire, or your area, who can help you find the most appropriate remedies.

Last month, the Society of Homeopaths announced that it had opened a free clinic in London to support people with mental health issues.

Coordinator Rix Pyke, who has been a practicing homeopath for 20 years, explained that there has been a lot of interest in the project, both from those who are referred from the community mental health team and those who have visited the Glengall Wharf Garden in Peckham, where the clinic is based.