On the calendar, spring has arrived. We are still waiting for the weather, but now is the time to prepare your body for the rebirth that is associated with this season, and accommodates all the energy it releases. It is time for the transition from the “passive” season of winter, where one is focused on introspection and the slowing down of life around us, towards the period of action and renewal on all fronts.

To prevent your body from being shocked by this change, it is important to start with a few healthy routines – so that you meet spring in great shape!


Eliminating Toxins

We accumulate toxins throughout the year but especially in winter when we tend to eat heartier food and act more sedentary – extra-large hot chocolates and evenings spent on the sofa… The change in season is an excellent time to Detox to free the body of accumulated toxins.

In the spring, drink fresh and seasonal juices 3-5 times a week, try eating 100% raw food with fruits and vegetables or even fast to regenerate and strengthen your body before the hot season. It is also a great time to try a birch sap cure, which gently stimulates the body at the end of winter.


Balancing Your Diet

It’s also time to regain good eating habits with lots of fresh foods – preferably from organic and local sources for optimal nutrient intake. Seasonal foods will help the body become stronger.

It’s important to reduce, in general, the amount of meat, dairy products, refined sugar, cereals, salt and alcohol for a few weeks to allow the body to recover after the excesses of winter. Try to eat more raw vegetables every day, drink 1.5-2L of water and fill at least half your plate with vitamin & mineral packed vegetables.


Enjoying The Morning Light

Finally, natural light returns after winter – energising the body and the spirit! The sun is the number one source of energy, and is very important for regulating rhythms such as the sleep-wake cycle and our hormonal system.

Our hormones regulate everything in our bodies, so it is essential to balance them before the summer months. Therefore, practice getting up early in the morning to catch the first light when it is not too intense, and always sleep in complete darkness to promote deep-sleep in preparation for the following day! Being active in the morning and late afternoon/evenings is particularly refreshing for the body, as you will be breathing in lots of fresh spring air and flower essences pumped out from budding wild plants.


Full Body Massages

Massages are fantastic for relieving tension after winter as muscles are often naturally contracted during the cold season. In addition to this, massages also promote drainage and detoxification of the body.

Massages are very therapeutic for the body: besides releasing pressures and tension, the feeling of touch is essential for our well-being! In fact, it causes the production of hormones such as oxytocin, which immediately reduces stress in the body and promotes overall balance.

Foot arch massages are great for reaching areas of tension, commonly treated by Acupressure & Tui Na. Pressing firmly in the middle of the plantar arch, for example, promotes nervous relaxation and good sleep.


Do Something New That Brings You Pleasure

Rejuvenating your mind is as important as caring for your body. Partaking in an activity that genuinely makes you happy, and allows you to switch off from daily activities is essential for boosting good vibes and morale. To meet spring with enthusiasm and positivity, starting a project and going out of one’s routine to discover something new, actively contributes to our overall emotional balance.

Ritualize an activity you love (dancing, yoga, visiting art exhibitions with friends, having themed dinners every Sunday with your loved ones to try new cuisines of the world) and planning a trip to have something positive in mind which elevates you during the tough moments. Never forget that pleasure is an element that brings meaning and fulfilment in our lives and helps during phases of transition.

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